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MetaVis Feature of the Day: SharePoint Visual Topology

June 23, 2014

SharePoint Farms as well as Office 365 tenancies have complex hierarchical structures. Many products of MetaVis Platform organically, by the virtue of software organization, provide a neat way to visualize this structure. Almost every product of MetaVis Platform allows to start exploring SharePoint Farms starting with Central or Tenant Administration and drill down to WEB Applications, Site Collections, sub-sites hierarchies, lists and folder trees inside the lists displaying all these objects as nodes of the tree on the screen.

True, that the main objective of the platform is to perform some actions with these hierarchies like move or migrate sites, backup site collections or manage security. However, the mere capability to visualize farm structure on the screen with interactive expanding of any node WEB Application or Folder one alike is a value-able addition to SharePoint administrators tool box. MetaVis Architect Suite can even visualize site content types, fields and lists relationships as well as site map in a site collection on graphical two-dimensional entity-relationship diagram.

All these functions work well with all SharePoint versions, with no server side agent installed on the servers, for on-premises, cloud of Office 365 environments.

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