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MetaVis Feature of the Day: Copy, Export and Import Term Store Elements

June 5, 2014

SharePoint includes the function to import term sets to the term store from specially structured CSV Spreadsheet. MetaVis Term Store Manager includes the function to export term sets into CSV spreadsheet compatible with SharePoint import format. This function could be used to build term set using Excel spreadsheet starting from the existing term set.

Moreover, MetaVis Term Store Manager includes the function to Export and Import any term store element (term sets, term groups or even a term hierarchy) in XML RDF SKOS format. This format allows to preserve term data that is usually not preserved in CSV files like synonyms and language translations. XML RDF SKOS export and import provide excellent opportunity to back up term stores or parts of the term store hierarchies preserving term details.

XML RDF SKOS format is one of the industry standard of taxonomy interchange. In this role, it is also a nice way to interchange SharePoint Term Stores data with other systems or import 3rd party taxonomies.

Both CSV file and XML RDF SKOS files in combination with export and import functions could be used as a media to copy term sets between SharePoint farms. However, is would be more convenient to use direct copy function in MetaVis Term Store Manager to transfer any part of term store hierarchy (term groups, term sets or individual terms with or without sub-terms) between server farms or to Office 365 tenancy.

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MetaVis Trivia: Managed Metadata Support and Term Store Management

May 23, 2014

MetaVis Migrator fully supports preserving or enhancing values of Managed Metadata fields during content migration and reorganization. This function includes the ability to automatically add new values to open Term Sets during the copy process.

More than that, MetaVis Platform also includes Term Store Manager tool that allows SharePoint administrators to manage, organize, migrate, bulk edit and create, import and export parts of the hierarchy or complete Term Stores. All of it for on-premises, hosted and Office 365 SharePoint without server side agents.

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Please visit for more information about MetaVis Term Store Manager.