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MetaVis Feature of the Day: Scripts and Schedules

June 9, 2014

All MetaVis Platform operations that could be performed using GUI could also be executed using command line scripts, PowerShell, Unix or Mac OS X shell commands, executed periodically or at the certain time using Windows scheduler or Unix cron daemon. All scripts with necessary parameters are generated automatically using GUI after planning certain operation and then could modified for the shell commands accordingly. MetaVis Platform wizards also provides an intuitive graphical interface to Windows Scheduler with the ability to define repetitive or delayed tasks as well as monitor task execution with historical task execution logs.

This handy feature could be used for different purposes such as

  • Perform periodic backup or content scan activities
  • Execute incremental or delta migration during the time of transition to the new environment
  • Migrate multiple site collections one ofter another one in a planned manner
  • Move content between different locations as a part or cross-system workflows
  • Generate system health and activity reports

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