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New Ribbon Interface in MetaVis Architect Suite for SharePoint

August 19, 2010

We recently updated MetaVis Architect Suite with new Microsoft style ribbon interface. Classical era artifacts like application wide menu and toolbar are gone and new wave large icons grouped in ribbon tab pages, sections and drop-down choices came into MetaVis graphic interface to match the updated look of the latest SharePoint 2010 release.

Below is the screen shot with a brief overview of the general application actions:

Architect ribbon page allows to focus user attention on the site structure related tasks.

MetaVis Migrator section in ribbon emphasizes basic migration / classification activities and allows to use them with few less clicks than before.

It is worth to note that classical GUI with menu and toolbar is still available by switching it back in the View section of the Ribbon for those who fancy menu navigation or larger real estate especially on small screens.