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MetaVis Feature of the Day: Actions in Administrator

June 19, 2014

MetaVis Administration Suite is not just a monitoring and reporting application (which is interesting function by itself). The real power of MetaVis Administrator is in the ability to change SharePoint environment for multiple selected objects at a time. Using the software, SharePoint administrators can mass change lists properties like versioning or content approval settings, grant or revoke permissions, backup or archive sites and even move lists to the other location – all of it for multiple objects simultaneously. This is a real time saver.

At the same time, graphical interactive dashboards allow quickly locate objects that need attention by drilling down through farm or tenancy hierarchies looking for specific parameters like rate of change or volume of access.

MetaVis Administration Suite works for on-premises or cloud SharePoint servers alike including Office 365 and OneDrive for Business tenancies. It requires no server side installations even for on-premises servers and is a perfect choice for managing hybrid on-premises and cloud environments.

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MetaVis Feature of the Day: Full Compare SharePoint Environments

May 28, 2014

While Live Compare feature provides a quick visual interactive status of the differences between two SharePoint environments, Full Compare is a color-coded report outlining differences in all levels of site collection hierarchy starting with root sites of the site collections, security groups membership, term stores and drilling down to missing documents or differences in field settings or metadata deep in folder structures of nested sub-sites.

Full Compare report could be a useful post-migration tool to verify the completeness of the recent migration effort. Full Compare report could be a useful pre-migration or per-synchronization tool too outlining the amount of work needed to bring two disparate environments together.

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MetaVis Platform Features Overview: Browse out-of-the-lists database objects and copy them between sites

March 3, 2011

SharePoint users create content in lists and libraries. However, developers and administrators may create content using SharePoint Designer application. This content may not accessible through lists and libraries but it still could be used for branding, navigation and user interaction purposes.

Developers usually create such SharePoint Designer objects like HTML Pages, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS files), WEB Part pages, images to display on the pages and folders to keep other objects. WEB Part pages created in this way could be also customized by power users using regular Edit functionality available on SharePoint GUI even without SharePoint Designer. Power users and administrators can manage WEB Parts and some text on these pages.

Large portion of SharePoint itself is implemented using such SharePoint Designer objects. For example, familiar default.aspx home page of SharePoint 2007 team sites is implemented using this technique. Another example is list views, new and update items pages like AllItems.asmx that could be customized by adding WEB Parts and some branding elements.

Right click on site or a list node in MetaVis Migrator Navigation tree, select Objects menu item and select Show SharePoint Designer Objects submenu to reveal SharePoint Designer objects for the selected site or list.

SharePoint Designer Objects viewer looks and works much like any other content viewer in MetaVis Applications. A user can drag and drop or copy and paste objects from this view to sites and lists in the other sites or site collections or even to regular document libraries. There is also an option to view and to copy WEB Parts located on WEB Part pages.

While MetaVis Migrator allows immediate copy of SharePoint Designer objects, MetaVis Change Manager creates activities that could be executed at the later time. As usual, MetaVis Change Manager activities could be executed at once for multiple targets. It could simplify such operations like mass distributing WEB Parts from list view page to hundreds of the sites in multiple SharePoint farms.

Management of SharePoint Designer objects in MetaVis Platform makes it possible to mass distribute branding, navigation and other SharePoint customizations from development to staging to production environments.