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MetaVis Architect Platform Updates, Spring and Summer 2011

September 14, 2011

In this article we put together the list of new products, features and updates that we have recently added to MetaVis Architect platform.

  • Security Manager is a product to analyze, copy and mass-manage SharePoint security objects like users, groups, AD groups and permissions for nested structure of server farms, site collections, sites, lists, folders and items. Read this BLOG post for more information about Security Manager.
  • File Manager is a product to copy content from file shares to SharePoint and offload it back to file shares (including documents and items) while supporting metadata (either directly or through Excel spreadsheet), created / modified properties, filtering, scheduled migrations or synchronization. Read this BLOG post about File Manager.
  • Public Folders is a product to copy content from Exchange public folders, mailboxes, third party mailboxes, PST archives while supporting metadata, created / modified properties, filtering, scheduled migrations or synchronization
  • Content synchronization (Incremental copy) is a feature that enables co-existence of multiple SharePoint environments by allowing to copy changes made in one environment to the other one. Content synchronization could be used as a temporary solution to support long migration process when users still use the source environment during migration. It could also be used as a permanent solution for the ongoing co-existence of multiple environments like record management or archiving. Read this BLOG Post for more details.
  • Offline migration and synchronization is a feature that allows to copy or to synchronize content between unconnected SharePoint environments by using file system media to actually transfer the content. Offline migration and synchronization could be used to connect unsecured and secured environments or a disconnected environment (a ship) with its base.
  • MS Excel-driven migration is a feature that allows a user to filter content during the migration process based on the records provided in Excel spreadsheet. The Excel spreadsheet may also contain metadata that has to be applied to all migrated documents and items.
  • There are several updates made to the platform itself
  • Global settings for MetaVis properties is a feature that allows users to save commonly used combination of content copying settings like user mapping, template mapping, site or list copy parameters for further reuse for each copy operation
  • MetaVis Toolbox is a dialog that lists all MetaVis products available in the MetaVis Platform with the indication of their availability in the specific installation. MetaVis Toolbox allows a user to switch between products in the integrated Architect Suite environment.
  • There are several updates that enable better handling of SharePoint objects and environments
  • Allow to map values from hidden fields when copying or tagging individual SharePoint items
  • Support migration between two different Microsoft Office 365 environments (accounts)
  • Support for Enterprise Keywords fields
  • Support for various custom field mapping for Document Sets
  • Support converting text, lookup, note, choice fields with email or account login values to person or group field
  • Preserve look and feel of SharePoint 2007 sites when promoting SharePoint 2007 sites to SharePoint 2010 site collections
  • Copy item level permissions

All MetaVis Architect Platform products are easy to download and install, agent-less and work for on-premises, hosted and Office 365 environments.

We are also excited about more news and updates coming in the near future for MetaVis products. Stay tuned!