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MetaVis Feature of the Day: Pattern Based Search in SharePoint

June 11, 2014

It is easy to search through SharePoint farm for documents with certain URLs but try to identify documents with any URL. It is clear what to do to find documents with certain Social Security Number but try to find documents that contain any Social Security Number… and display all these numbers on the way. Meet MetaVis Informant – SharePoint tool that can identify documents in content databases following pre-configured rules and execute actions for the documents it finds.

MetaVis Informant includes dozens if not hundreds pre-built rules to detect documents with PII, PHI, postal addresses, ZIP Codes, driver licenses, URLs, links, dictionary keywords (optionally integrated with SharePoint Term Stores), following certain naming conventions, missing required information (like contract numbers), following some metadata patterns and many more. In addition to this Informant allows to define custom rules using regular expressions. Informant rules could be combined together using logical expressions like “Find documents that contain driver license number and keywords from this list but now keywords from that term set”.

Informant can identify documents following pre-configured policies perform any combination of the following actions

  • Generate report with the identified documents
  • Copy or move documents to certain location
  • Upload files from file system to SharePoint or download them back
  • Quarantine detected documents
  • Change (add or remote) documents permissions
  • Change or enhance document metadata

MetaVis Informant could be used to cross-users security checks to detect what could be seen by different groups of user accounts, audits, data loss prevention and other governance related activities.

MetaVis Informant is a client based tool that does not require server side agents. It works with File Systems, on-premises and hosted SharePoints as well as Office 365.

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MetaVis Feature of the Day: OneDrive for Business Sharing Analysis

May 30, 2014

MetaVis Platform allows administrators to monitor OneDrive for Business usage and activity trends. Graphical dashboards display information like space distribution and file type analysis to understand whether and how organization employees use their personal sites.

One of these reports is particularly interesting for security analysis and data leaks prevention. Content sharing report visualizes external parties who can access internal content because this content was shared by inside personnel. Content sharing report allows to drill down to the user who shared the content and ultimately allows to locate the content itself. For some people, the absence of this transparency to see how the content is shared with 3rd parties is the last road block holding them from adopting OneDrive for Business in their organizations. MetaVis brings this transparency with OneDrive for Business Management Suite.

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