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MetaVis for Drives: Blurring Lines Between Local and Cloud Storage

July 21, 2014

“MetaVis for Drives” edition brings common migration, backup, import, export, administration and monitoring functions to popular storage locations like SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive for Business,, Google Drive and Network Shares. Besides specific functions available for individual storage areas the Drives edition aims to unlock the content in specific vendors storage allowing content visibility and mobility between vendors applications and between local and cloud.

The Drives edition makes the following functionality available.

  1. Connect to Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Google Drive,, SharePoint locations to individual drives as well as to all users in a corporate account using single service administrator login with the ability to browse account structure and content in individual users personal locations using tree structure metaphor;
  2. Mass copy individual items from File System to OneDrive for Business, Google Drive and locations optionally preserving folder structure, fixing illegal characters and preserving retention and authoring properties;
  3. Mass copy individual items between Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, and SharePoint locations optionally preserving folder structure, fixing illegal characters, preserving retention and authoring properties as well as preserving, mapping and enhancing metadata when applicable;
  4. Mass copy multiple users personal spaces from Google Drives, File Shares and SharePoint My Sites to OneDrive for Business optionally preserving folder structure, fixing illegal characters and preserving retention and authoring properties;
  5. Backup OneDrive for Business and Google Drive users content using central location and single login to local file shares, Amazon S3 or Azure storage;
  6. Monitor and generate actionable Administrator Dashboard current status and trend reports about storage distribution and user activity in OneDrive for Business tenancy;
  7. Perform Informant content scan applying policy groups with configurable rules and actions to perform pattern, PII, PHI, URL, vocabulary keywords detection to OneDrive for Business content;
  8. Mass provision multiple OneDrive for Business personal sites using single login from a central location;
  9. Mass detect and remove OneDrive for Business personal site owners

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MetaVis Platform Features Overview: Discover WEB Applications and Site Collections in a Server Farm

March 7, 2011

One of the new function we recently added to MetaVis platform is the ability to list all site collections in a given server farm. The user is expected to provide URL to the farm’s Central Administration console and supply server farm administrator credentials. There are several business cases we want to apply this function in the future. We started with the simple ability to select the site collection to connect to on SharePoint Connection Wizard.


Discover Site Collections button on the SharePoint Connection Wizard leads to the screens that list all site collection in the server farm.



On a first screen of Discover wizard the user is prompted to connect to server far central administration console and pick a WEB Application.



On the last screen of the Discover Site Collection Wizard the user can browse, filter and select site collection to use to connect to the new site.



Current use of Discover Site Collection wizard is to select a site collection to connect to. Our plan is to reuse this functionality to implement functions that perform mass-operations with existing site collections. For example, next function we plan to roll out based on the Discover functionality will let users to copy multiple selected site collections to the other server farm. The other variation of the save function will be the ability to copy My Sites between SharePoint farms.