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MetaVis Feature of the Day: Copy SharePoint Content using Excel Spreadsheet

June 4, 2014

The ability to copy items and document is the basic function of MetaVis Migrator. This function could be performed by copying a group of items from the source and pasting them into the target or dragging and dropping items from source to target location. During this process there is a property mapping screen that allows to copy or add new field values.

In addition to this interactive method of copying items the user can create Excel spreadsheet that lists locations of source items or files together with field values associated with them. The user can use this Excel spreadsheet to instruct MetaVis Migrator to copy items listed in the spreadsheet to the specified locations and assign them field values specified in the spreadsheet. Moreover, MetaVis will generate a template for such spreadsheet based on the field schema in source and target locations.

The Copy using Excel spreadsheet function can copy items and documents from SharePoint locations including content version history. This function could also import files from file system to SharePoint libraries or OneDrive for Business personal sites.

MetaVis users or value added resellers can use Excel-based item copy to fine tune and to customize migration scenarios by defining specific subset of items to copy in certain copy operation as well as defining metadata for each item individually.

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