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Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint with MetaVis Architect, Migrator and Change Control and Release Manager

December 2, 2010

Recently we updated MetaVis Product Line (Architect, Migrator and Change Control and Release Manager) to be compatible with new Microsoft Office 365 hosted SharePoint environment. The result is a smooth integration with Office 365 SharePoint much in the style with the regular MetaVis functionality.

Connect to site dialog box requires URL to the hosted SharePoint site like it is displayed on the picture below.

Connection is performed using Claims Based Authentication. The picture below demonstrates login with account hosted in Microsoft Online user directory.

MetaVis Architect visualizes objects and their relationships. As usual, the diagram is editable and changes could be updated right into Office 365 SharePoint site.

We copied documents, some links, complete lists and sites from our local SharePoint sites to Office 365 site collection using MetaVis Migrator

We tried to compare Office 365 SharePoint site with our local on-premises site using MetaVis Live Compare dialog available in MetaVis Change Control and Release Manager

Connectivity to Office 365 SharePoint from MetaVis products is currently available as an optional module. Let us know if you are interested to check it out by writing us to or submitting a request using Contact Us form so we can enable this functionality in your trial or permanent MetaVis License.