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MetaVis for Drives: Blurring Lines Between Local and Cloud Storage

July 21, 2014

“MetaVis for Drives” edition brings common migration, backup, import, export, administration and monitoring functions to popular storage locations like SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive for Business,, Google Drive and Network Shares. Besides specific functions available for individual storage areas the Drives edition aims to unlock the content in specific vendors storage allowing content visibility and mobility between vendors applications and between local and cloud.

The Drives edition makes the following functionality available.

  1. Connect to Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Google Drive,, SharePoint locations to individual drives as well as to all users in a corporate account using single service administrator login with the ability to browse account structure and content in individual users personal locations using tree structure metaphor;
  2. Mass copy individual items from File System to OneDrive for Business, Google Drive and locations optionally preserving folder structure, fixing illegal characters and preserving retention and authoring properties;
  3. Mass copy individual items between Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, and SharePoint locations optionally preserving folder structure, fixing illegal characters, preserving retention and authoring properties as well as preserving, mapping and enhancing metadata when applicable;
  4. Mass copy multiple users personal spaces from Google Drives, File Shares and SharePoint My Sites to OneDrive for Business optionally preserving folder structure, fixing illegal characters and preserving retention and authoring properties;
  5. Backup OneDrive for Business and Google Drive users content using central location and single login to local file shares, Amazon S3 or Azure storage;
  6. Monitor and generate actionable Administrator Dashboard current status and trend reports about storage distribution and user activity in OneDrive for Business tenancy;
  7. Perform Informant content scan applying policy groups with configurable rules and actions to perform pattern, PII, PHI, URL, vocabulary keywords detection to OneDrive for Business content;
  8. Mass provision multiple OneDrive for Business personal sites using single login from a central location;
  9. Mass detect and remove OneDrive for Business personal site owners

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MetaVis Feature of the Day: Download from SharePoint to File System

June 6, 2014

MetaVis Platform includes a neat feature that allows users to download SharePoint content to the file system. The function saves items metadata (field values) to Excel/CSV spreadsheet and downloads content and attachments to regular files on the file system. The function uses special file naming convention when instructed to download versions but otherwise documents are openly available to use and located in similar folders they were located in SharePoint.

The function could be used to archive inactive projects, transfer project data in bulk to another location or free up space in SharePoint content database by offloading chunk of the content.

Offloading function could be done for selected folders or individual items, lists, sites or complete site collections with sub-site hierarchies. Offloaded data could be loaded back to SharePoint using the same MetaVis Platform. The offloading function works remotely without server side agents and could be used for on-premises, hosted or Office 365 SharePoint starting with version 2003.

The function is available in MetaVis Migrator for SharePoint as well as MetaVis Backup for SharePoint.

MetaVis Feature of the Day: SharePoint Permissions Backup

May 20, 2014

Unlike for some other objects in SharePoint there is no recycle bin for SharePoint permissions and security group membership. Once permission record is deleted or changed there is no way to roll back the change or at least to peek at how did it look before the modification. To help administrators with this situation MetaVis has an option to backup up and restore SharePoint site, list and item level permissions only without the content as well as browse historical snapshots with backed up permissions. As a compliment to this functionality MetaVis also has an option to backup SharePoint security groups including groups membership with the further ability to browse groups and group membership in the backup snapshots as well as the option to restore groups or group membership to SharePoint sites. All of it without any server side agents and fully compatible with Office 365 and any other hosted SharePoint environment.

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MetaVis Feature of the Day: OneDrive for Business Backup

May 16, 2014

Backup for OneDrive is a simple and easy to use backup solution that empowers administrators and power users to efficiently backup, archive, and restore their content from Office 365 & OneDrive (including content of all tenancy users). Top features of Backup for OneDrive are:

  • Backup and Restore to local drive on-premises or to cloud storage
  • Archive legacy or orphaned content
  • Item level restore
  • High content availability with the access to content of all users

Please visit to learn more about MetaVis Backup for OneDrive.

The Case for the Office 365 SharePoint Backup

March 12, 2013

The process of backing up the cloud content sounds like a silly activity. Consider Office 365 SharePoint. Microsoft promises 99.9% service uptime, keeps deleted data in the recycle bin for 30 days, backs up online data every 12 hours (kept for 14 days afterwards) and, most likely, replicates the content between multiple data centers around the globe. What could be lost in such a protective environment?

It turns out that there are several possible reasons that make people look for an additional backup solution.

  1. Service Outage. Whether it is Office 365 or temporary Internet malfunction it is sometimes important to have the content at hands before the accessibility to the data will be restored. Think about missed submission dead line or late RFP as an example.
  2. Deliberately deleted or modified content. People may delete or modify non-versioned content based on their best intentions without realizing the damage at much later time. In this case a year or so old backup provides invaluable historical information.
  3. Corrupted Content. Viruses, power outages and software malfunction tend to corrupt portions of content. It is often too late to look for the clean copy when the corruption surface to somebody’s attention unless there is a months old archive saved outside of the frequently used workspace.
  4. Regulatory Requirements. Working in FDA, FAA, SEC or other regulated industry sometimes requires compliance with longer than 30-days project files backup policies. In this case the periodic backup of the cloud data provides a handy checkbox on the vendor qualifications papers.

MetaVis Backup for SharePoint is a simple and easy to use backup tool that empowers administrators and power users to efficiently backup, archive, and restore their content from SharePoint or Office 365.  With MetaVis Backup, you can quickly retrieve individual items or entire sites, so you never miss a beat.

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