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MetaVis Feature of the Day: Download from SharePoint to File System

June 6, 2014

MetaVis Platform includes a neat feature that allows users to download SharePoint content to the file system. The function saves items metadata (field values) to Excel/CSV spreadsheet and downloads content and attachments to regular files on the file system. The function uses special file naming convention when instructed to download versions but otherwise documents are openly available to use and located in similar folders they were located in SharePoint.

The function could be used to archive inactive projects, transfer project data in bulk to another location or free up space in SharePoint content database by offloading chunk of the content.

Offloading function could be done for selected folders or individual items, lists, sites or complete site collections with sub-site hierarchies. Offloaded data could be loaded back to SharePoint using the same MetaVis Platform. The offloading function works remotely without server side agents and could be used for on-premises, hosted or Office 365 SharePoint starting with version 2003.

The function is available in MetaVis Migrator for SharePoint as well as MetaVis Backup for SharePoint.