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Overview of new features in MetaVis Applications

March 1, 2011

First days of spring brought us warmer weather, melted snow and longer days. We did quite a bit of development in MetaVis Tech since the beginning of the year introducing new features that help to Organize your SharePoint. Now we feel it is a good time to talk about new features we introduced in the perspective of current and future development.


Today we start the series of articles introducing new features. We begin with the list and later we will dig deeper into the details of motivation, business case, use and future plans for the new functionality we added.


  • Discover all WEB Applications and Site Collections in a server farm
  • Browse out-of-the-lists database objects and copy them between sites
  • Bulk import files from file system with their metadata defined in a spreadsheet
  • Copy / paste or drag and drop WEB Parts between arbitrary WEB Part pages in SharePoint lists or out-of-the list system folders
  • Bulk user mapping to add or replace domain in login names
  • Copy content types with dependencies (fields and parent content types)
  • Browse list or library permissions and copy selected list permissions between lists.
  • Site and list content reports with the option to include versions for list content
  • Mass delete site and list permissions, site groups or users from groups and site permission levels
  • Map parts of the folder path to a SharePoint field when copying documents or items from SharePoint sites or tagging document or items in SharePoint
  • Easy packaging for accessing SharePoint in Office 365 Cloud
  • Bulk import files from file system with the simultaneous tagging enabled in SharePoint GUI through Cloud Classifier

Cool technique to copy SharePoint list with dependent content types to the right place to another site collection

June 4, 2010

This article discusses an interesting technique of copying SharePoint list with content types to different site collection. The task seems to be simple enough considering there are some tools on the market that can let user to grab a list and drag it and drop to the other site collection while performing some copy magic behind the scenes. Still, there is a place to think about before doing this drag and drop: list may have content types defined in the parent site, not in the same site where the list is defined.

Let’s, for the sake of simplicity, consider two sites: root site of the site collection (Publishing Portal in this case) and its sub-site (Mark’s Site).

Parent site Publishing Portal contains definitions for content types.

Sub-site Mark’s Site contains the list itself with all content types, views and content

We want to take this Repair Manuals list and copy/paste or drag-n-drop it to some other sub-site of some other site collection.

If we will do just that then the list will be created in our destination sub-site but all content types (that were before in the root site of the site collection) will be now created in the same destination sib-site. This is not good because someone probably created these Vehicle-based content types in the site collection root with the purpose to reuse it in different sub-sites of the same site collection. It would be nice to preserve this architecture in the destination site collection as well.

To do this we need to copy this list twice. First time, copy it to the root site of the destination site collection even if it ultimately should not go there. This time do not copy content, do not copy permissions, workflows or views related to the list. Just copy the list itself and all dependent content types. This way, all content types and fields will be automatically created together with the list in the right spot of the destination site collection. These content types and fields may be reused later on by other sites of this site collection. Here are options to copy just list with no content and other attributes like presented by MetaVis Migrator for SharePoint .

After this, delete the list from the root site of the destination site collection. All content types created in the root site will still be there because they are defined outside of the list.

As a last step, copy the same list again but this time – to the right sub-site of the destination site collection. It will create the list and reuse all content types from the root site created during the previous copy. This time, select all options for copy content, permissions and views on the copy list wizard screen.

This technique allows to preserve originally designed architecture of SharePoint site collection that involves complex taxonomies of site columns and content type hierarchies.