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MetaVis Feature of the Day: SharePoint Pre-Migration Analysis

June 10, 2014

MetaVis Pre-Migration Analysis is an Excel report generated by MetaVis Migrator for SharePoint summarizing the current state of the source environment (File System or SharePoint) from the migration perspective. The report analyzes different parameters of the source data that can affect migration planning. The report graphically outlines and color codes potentially problematic areas such as content volume, path length, custom WEB Parts, blocked file extensions, too large file sizes, unsupported characters in file names that will be replaced and many others. The report also indicates locations of complex objects like workflows or InfoPath forms.

While useful as a migration planning tool, MetaVis Pre-Migration Analysis might be used as a powerful method to quickly visualize data about the environment from content and structure perspective to plan even non-migration activities like branding, process engineering, governance or workflow implementation.

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MetaVis Feature of the Day: OneDrive for Business Sharing Analysis

May 30, 2014

MetaVis Platform allows administrators to monitor OneDrive for Business usage and activity trends. Graphical dashboards display information like space distribution and file type analysis to understand whether and how organization employees use their personal sites.

One of these reports is particularly interesting for security analysis and data leaks prevention. Content sharing report visualizes external parties who can access internal content because this content was shared by inside personnel. Content sharing report allows to drill down to the user who shared the content and ultimately allows to locate the content itself. For some people, the absence of this transparency to see how the content is shared with 3rd parties is the last road block holding them from adopting OneDrive for Business in their organizations. MetaVis brings this transparency with OneDrive for Business Management Suite.

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MetaVis Feature of the Day: Full Compare SharePoint Environments

May 28, 2014

While Live Compare feature provides a quick visual interactive status of the differences between two SharePoint environments, Full Compare is a color-coded report outlining differences in all levels of site collection hierarchy starting with root sites of the site collections, security groups membership, term stores and drilling down to missing documents or differences in field settings or metadata deep in folder structures of nested sub-sites.

Full Compare report could be a useful post-migration tool to verify the completeness of the recent migration effort. Full Compare report could be a useful pre-migration or per-synchronization tool too outlining the amount of work needed to bring two disparate environments together.

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