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MetaVis Cloud Classifier 2010 Preview

August 23, 2010

MetaVis Cloud Classifier 2010 is a SharePoint 2010 component that allows to assign field values to many selected documents located in SharePoint 2010 libraries at once. This component is available for any user of a SharePoint site for any library in the site collection where it is activated. It is completely integrated with SharePoint security model and embedded seamlessly into SharePoint WEB interface. In a sense, Cloud Classifier 2010 is like a standard Edit Properties dialog but it applies to all selected documents.

MetaVis Cloud Classifier 2010 allows SharePoint users to enhance documents metadata in an easy and organic way on a mass scale. This, in turn, improves documents find-ability, search, accessibility and navigation through SharePoint libraries.

MetaVis Cloud Classifier 2010 is very easy to use. First, select documents to tag in any place that allows document selection like library or list view WEB Part and click Classify button in SharePoint ribbon toolbar.

Then specify new field values for any of the fields that appear on the Classify screen and continue the wizard.

At the end, all values specified on the Classify screen will be applied to all documents selected in the list when Classify dialog was called.

This is just a basic use of MetaVis Cloud Classifier for SharePoint. In a more advanced scenario the user may change content types of the selected documents (remember, there might be many of them) and specify field values for this new content type:

Values for some fields could be copied from the other fields available in the existing metadata.

Coupled with SharePoint 2010 list navigation infrastructure and key filters MetaVis Cloud Classifier becomes a very powerful tool to perform metadata enhancement and data classification in SharePoint sites. Here, we select all documents pre-tagged with MK Region field contains China to tag them with new metadata, change their content type or add more values.

Please contact to receive more information about MetaVis Cloud Classifier 2010 and get a free trial.

Merge SharePoint 2010 Term Sets using MetaVis Migrator

July 28, 2010

Sometimes it becomes important to copy SharePoint term sets between different SharePoint server farms. The first idea is to delete the term set or part of its hierarchy from the target location and then re-import it from the source. It does not seem like a right approach though if there are some data (items or documents) in the target environment that already use the existing terms. With MetaVis Migrator it is possible to copy term hierarchies between SharePoint servers preserving terms that already exist in the target environment and adding the new terms from the source to the right branches of the taxonomy tree.

The feature to merge terms opens an interesting opportunity to author and manage term sets in a development or QA environment and then, when time comes, bring updates to the production environment. In some other cases, this copy process should go in the other direction when developers or vendors periodically want to get the actual copy or the production taxonomies into their systems without destroying their current content metadata.

Let’s take a look at the details of how this feature works. Like some other readers of this BLOG at some point we faced the problem of moving from beta version of SharePoint 2010 to the production one so we needed to copy term sets too. This is how our Cameras term set looks in our destination SharePoint 2010 RTM (it has port 8091 in its URL).

This is the same Cameras term set in the source SharePoint 2010 beta server farm (it has port 8090 in its URL). Someone added models for Canon cameras there while both environments were active.

The copy process is simple: first, right click on the Cameras term set in the source environment and select Copy. Ctrl-C (or Command-C on Mac) also works.

Then, navigate to the destination term store, right click on the term group with the Cameras term set and select Paste. Key combinations Ctrl-V for Windows and Command-V on Mac would do the same.

In response to Paste action MetaVis Migrator will display Copy Terms Wizard. Here we select Copy With Children to copy the whole term tree. We also select Merge that will instruct MetaVis to reuse the terms that already exist in the tree instead of generating an error. We click Finish to complete the copy process.

A couple of seconds later we pass a completion message with detailed log about what was actually copied. Here we observe the result – term set Cameras looks exactly like it looks in the source environment including our updates in the Canon branch. Hopefully, this time our users will stop updating taxonomies in our SharePoint 2010 beta and they will switch to our SharePoint 2010 RTM. If not then we will repeat this procedure again.