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Privileged Account Management Use Cases

September 19, 2017

Why automate privileged account management:

  • Protect internal network from inside threats
  • Share server access with remote contractors
  • Store and share digital keys and certificates
  • Discover and reset default passwords
  • Rotate privileged account passwords periodically or after use
  • Decrease attack surface by limiting number of privileged accounts
  • Record sessions to servers and IoT devices
  • Monitor sessions to servers and IoT devices in real time
  • Control elevation of user permissions
  • Monitor and manage access to shared accounts
  • Enable limited permission elevation for regular users
  • Securely access devices in the cloud and in remote datacenters
  • Maintain strong passwords for privileged accounts
  • Discover and lock privileged accounts in the network
  • Delegate execution of privileged commands to regular users
  • Enable multi-factor authentication for local accounts
  • Provide access to cloud networks through a single entry point
  • Remove hard coded passwords from scripts, apps and configuration files