Xton Access Manager Feature List

This is a short list of Xton Access Manager features. I will try to make this list smaller over time. I assume that the reader is more or less familiar with Privileged Identity and Access Management market. I will have another post introducing this market is a short way too. Also, after this feature list I will give a list of competitive advantages of Xton Access Manager as compare to other players on the market.

XtonTech Xton Technologies List of Features Product Description

Here is what Xton Access Manager does and what it is:

  • Identity Vault (Database for Secrets)
    • Browser accessed storage for accounts, passwords, certificates, keys, sensitive files
    • Folders and records, granular permissions and sharing, custom record types
    • Audit logs, syslog, alerts and notifications, AES-256 encryption
  • Automated Password Reset
    • Custom policies with inheritance
    • Shell, PowerShell, VBScript; domain or local
  • Discovery of Privileged Accounts
    • Continuous monitoring option
  • Access with Protected Identity
    • Session management: RDP, SSH, VNC
    • Session recording and monitoring

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