Welcome Xton Technologies

After many successful years at MetaVis culminated with business acquisition by the fiercest competitor we decided to entertain ourselves in the area of cyber security. Welcome, Xton Technologies, the company that builds, markets and distributes enterprise privileged accounts management software including:

  • Database for secrets that enables permission based sharing of secret information like passwords and security certificates for employees, contractors and scripts
  • Policy driven password reset
  • Centralized script execution for Windows, Unix and IoT devices
  • Agentless access to network resources without disclosing passwords or keys to end users capable to record and monitor RDP, VNC or SSH sessions.
  • Privileged account discovery

I will spend more time in the following posts discussing various aspect of this innovating software. For now, let’s enjoy variety of love locks on the Salzburg bridge on the picture below symbolizing patches of cyber security implemented by typical enterprise in attempt to match the speed of the modern world.

Xton Tech, Identity Manager, agentless RDP SSH VNC sessions

Makartsteg Bridge

Also, visit our WEB Site, help us spread the word, like our LinkedIn page, download the installer from our WEB site to try the software; or recommend us someone who might be interested.


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2 Responses to “Welcome Xton Technologies”

  1. ericatoelle Says:

    Welcome back!

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