MetaVis Feature of the Day: SharePoint Permissions Management

Many product in MetaVis Platform include the ability to transfer permissions. MetaVis Migrator includes the function to copy and migrate site, list and item level permissions as well as site collection administrators between SharePoint locations as part of larger content copy or migration operations. MetaVis OneDrive for Business Management Suite also includes support for copying content sharing options to OneDrive personal sites.

However, there is also permission oriented product called MetaVis Security Manager that allows administrators to manage permissions in on-premises and hosted SharePoint farms (including versions 2007, 2010, 2013), OneDrive for Business and Office 365 locations. Permissions management functions include the ability to

  • Browse permission records for multiple objects using convenient interface
  • Copy permissions between objects (site collections, sites, lists and items)
  • Mass create, edit and delete multiple permission records
  • Backup up and restore permissions
  • Transfer permissions and group membership between users
  • Report users that have access to certain objects or locations
  • Report objects accessible to certain users
  • Analyze Orphaned users existing in site collections but deleted or disabled in the underlying user directories and report objects still owned by these users
  • Transfer orphaned users between site collections and server farms (including Office 365) to maintain historical records authorship

Please visit for more information about MetaVis Security Manager for SharePoint.



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