MetaVis Platform Features Overview: Browse and Copy Individual WEB Parts between WEB Part Pages

Users and administrators use WEB Parts to customize look and feel and behavior of SharePoint pages. WEB Parts could be used to customize WEB Part Pages located in document libraries, Publishing Pages located in the Pages library of the publishing sites, WIKI Pages, system pages like site home pages or list views or update pages.

MetaVis Architect Suite provides an easy way to list WEB Parts for any selected page and to copy WEB Parts between pages. Find WEB Part Page in MetaVis Content View, right click on the page and select Show WEB Parts.



Show WEB Parts menu item brings the WEB Parts Viewer that displays WEB Parts located on the selected page.



It is possible to copy and paste or to drag and drop WEB Parts from MetaVis WEB Parts Viewer to any other WEB Part page in MetaVis Navigator tree or content viewer.


While MetaVis Migrator for SharePoint allows immediate copy of WEB Parts, MetaVis Change Manager for SharePoint creates activities that could be executed at the later time. As usual, MetaVis Change Manager activities could be executed at once for multiple targets. It could simplify such operations like mass distributing WEB Parts from list view page to hundreds of the sites in multiple SharePoint farms.


Another interesting functionality of WEB Parts View is the ability to save WEB Part XML definition to the file on the local computer. To do this, right click on the WEB Part in the WEB Part Viewer and select Save XML Config to File option like on the picture below.



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