Copy Master Pages and Page Layouts between SharePoint Site Collections with MetaVis Migrator

Master pages contain controls that are shared across multiple pages and page layouts, such as navigation, search, or language-preference for multilingual sites. Page layouts contain field controls and Web Parts. By using master pages, you can provide a consistent look and feel for your site. You can use master pages to position items that must be shared by all pages, such as navigational controls, company logos, and copyright notices.

Mater pages and page layouts are regular documents located in special SharePoint lists called galleries. This property makes it possible to manage them using MetaVis Migrator . Below is a brief example of how to copy master pages between SharePoint site collections.

First, load both source and target site collections into MetaVis Migrator so that they will be accessible in MetaVis Navigation Tree on the left. Then right click on the Lists node of the source site and select Enable Hidden Lists options.

This option will make site collection galleries visible in MetaVis Navigation Tree. To copy master pages and page layouts double click on Master Page Gallery list, select master pages that you need to copy and copy them into the clipboard (right click and select Copy or use keyboard combination Ctrl-C on Windows or Command-C on Mac).

After this navigate to target site collection loaded into MetaVis Navigation Tree, enable hidden lists in there and perform Paste into Master Page Gallery of the target site collection.

When the copy process is completed the new master pages become available in the destination site collection and could be used in Site Properties Master Page specification:


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