4 Responses to “Managed Metadata Columns in SharePoint 2010”

  1. Manage SharePoint Taxonomies with MetaVis Migrator « MetaVis Architect for Sharepoint Says:

    […] with MetaVis Migrator By sparchitect One of the most powerful features in SharePoint 2010 is Managed Metadata Columns. These columns allow users to pick values for a custom field from large list of values using easy […]

  2. Gunther Coppens Says:

    “When moving to SharePoint 2010 from the older systems consider converting old Choice or Lookup columns to new Managed Metadata one. ”

    Do you consider this to be a manual exercise. Go in doc by doc in MOSS 2010 and set the Managed Metadata or are there some tools to automate this process ?

    • sparchitect Says:

      There are third party tools that do it. We build several tools that help in this process. Check out our MetaVis Classifier which is a client side utility that allows to tag many items at the same time in SharePoint and copy values from one field to the other one. We also have Cloud Classifier control that allows to do the same things using SharePoint GUI so that all users may tag their own documents and items.

  3. sureshpydi Says:

    Nice Post. Here is one more post Managed meta data configuration

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